Anticipating Virtual USB Technology

Rumor has it that USB’s next generation will be getting smaller, just like Ethernet interface, and also, it will be virtual like wireless network. This new virtual USB technology feels like beyond your imagination. For the time being, there’s a “media-agnostic” USB new standard, whose ultimate purpose is to enable a new type of USB connection without USB interface. Mr. Jeff Ravencraft, the USB technology developer, says that this new USB will connect wireless devices to sockets without the real “connection” physically between them.


Looking for a Greater Battery Longevity

With the rapid development of high-quality batteries, universal batteries for household and industry are by far more advanced in performance and battery lifespan. However, batteries still will lose their capacity as the number of charge cycles increases if they are used in a repeated manner even without mistreatment. Capacity will continue to decrease untill the batteries eventually reach the end of their useful lifespan. As usual, a variety of types of rechargeable batteries are specified to last 400 to 1000 full charge-discharge cycles.

Whereas, battery capacity losses can be avoidable if we want a greater battery longevity. First off, we need to realize the most commonly-seen factors that might lead to harms for batteries’ lifespan. Frequently-seen rechargeable batteries’ lifespan could be endangered and shortened by the following four major factors.