The improvement of rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries, as can be commonly seen in household electronic devices, have a wide range of application. They are widely used for portable consumer devices, automobile starters, motorized wheelchairs, golf carts, electric bicycles, electric forklifts, household tools such as drills, remote control, clearners, speakers etc.

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Safer Lithium Batteries are increasingly Demanded

Safer Lithium Batteries are increasingly Demanded


As more and more accidental overheating issues occured in electronic devices with poor- quality lithium batteries, there has sharply seen a growing need for safer lithium batteries. Manufacturers, sellers and consumers all concern about the safety in lithium battery products. A newer generation of safer lithium batteries is highly demanded.



A related paper in the safer lithium battery research published in June 17 edition of Nature Communications clearly points out how the addition of 2 chemicals to the electrolyte of lithium metal batteries can prevent the formation of dendrites. Let’s dig deep inside the lithium structure:

  • The needles of lithium that grow in the battery cell and puncture the barrier between the 2 battery halves eventually;
  • In that case, short circuit issues could take place due to their formation;
  • And the short circuits in the battery will result in overheating and combustion even possibly;