The new development of electronic cables

A most typical electronic cable, American wire gauge, abbreviated to AWG, usually refers to USB A to micro-B USB data & charging cables. AWG is specified with two numbers: First the gauge of the data transfer wires, followed by the gauge of the charging wires within the cable. Most USB cables are 28/28 AWG. However some cables that ship with tablets, and higher quality third-party cables, can be 28/24 AWG, 30/24, 28/21, etc, meaning the charging wires are thicker.

Since these cables charge and sync smartphones and other devices so well, there’s a huge demand for such USB cables in the market. However, a decade back, cables were not as popular as they are now. Cables enjoyed a poor reception and suffered a depressed market in a way. Now as that scene becomes history, a great many electronic cable manufacturers recover the booming cable market. 阅读更多