Kodak rises to a leading place

As we look back on the history of Kodak, we can easily find that an inventor George Eastman and a merchant Henry Armstrong established Eastman Dry Plate Company, namely later to become Eastman Kodak, early in 1881. In the past, the former company of Kodak mainly produced roll and photographic films, and the very first amateur camera. Since then, Kodak became worldwide well-known and concentrated on imaging business.
Kodak rises to a leading place
Over a century’s devotion and persistence from Kodak people, they have achieved great performance in the business. They always offer customers the best products, satisfactory services and reliable solutions. For example, in a electronic product exhibition held in Singapore, all major electronic corporations gather together and put forward their latest launches. Kodak is no exception of the list. They lauched their new scanner from which you can learn how Kodak has improved the quality of the products.

  • The new Kodak scanner has a double LED system which saves time for lighting preheat, as a result, the repsond turns much quicker, meanwhile, images turns clearer both in lines and color.
  • The flexible and self-archiving output tray and agile paper processing enables the scanner to scanner almost all kinds of documents, such as small or big size, thick or thin, ID card, embossed card or whatsoever.
  • The highly reliable 50-page tractor and integrated paper plate are crucial to the scanning.

With a long history of formation, reformation and improvement, Kodak rises to a leading place when its prime time comes.

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