What makes Apple Mac Pro and Macbook Pro so proud of themselves?

Apple Mac Pro, as a most powerful computer so far, is definitely something unprecedented. This is mainly what makes it so proud of himself: the basic configuration, aside from a compact and exquisite appearance design.

12 core processor, 64 GB RAM memory, 1TB flash memory and double AMD display card. Furthermore, Mac Pro’s image processor has a top AMD FirePro workstation-level image processor configuring 6 GB discrete VRAM.

  • The unprecedentedly outstanding performance of image processing will completely meet your need if you are working in need of a great mass of image processing files.
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000 integrated image processor is perfectly built in MacBook Pro for it’s due job.


innos D6000 claimed to be the highest battery capacity cellphone

innos D6000 claimed to be the highest battery capacity cellphone


Mobile World Congress(MWC) was held in the well-known harbour city Barcelona in Spain. Many mobile industry brands have come and showed their lastest models and technologies. Just like innos, who’s been working on high-end mobile phone application and technologies, showed the world its latest product innos D6000, which is claimed to have the largest cellphone battery capacity currently. This cellphone features in its super long stand-by time and 6000mAh battery capacity, absolutely the highest capacity so far in the world. 阅读更多

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX spreads its sales to Asia

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX started to spread its sales to East and Middle Asia since February 2015, and received warm welcome ever since. It’s generally believed that Amazon Kindle Fire HDX’s success is not much due to its sales trategy and ambitions, but mostly due to its functional performace of the product and its related advanced configuration.

Kindle Fire HDX, both the 7 inches and 8.9 ineches versions, are a perfect combination of an ebook reader and tablet. Compared with older versions, Kindle Fire HDX is upgraded in both hard ware and soft ware configuartion. It’s a quick-response and powerful tablet with a Snapdragon 800 processor. 阅读更多