Most Stylish Power Banks: Brand-new Mini Portable Power Banks with Fast Charging in 2018

Like most youngsters who are so obsessed with new things of bright colors and unique design, you would like to have a most stylish model when you try to get yourself a portable power bank that you can use when outdoors, or on the way somewhere. Since there you could find so many choices for a portable and stylish power bank online most conveniently, you don’t actually have to worry about how it looks. Instead, you should focus on how it works.

There are a few cases too sad to be true. Some power bank manufacturers or sellers online have inevitably been complained about the functionalities and performance of their products. In order to win more customers and build up a trustworthy brand, many power bank, portable charger manufacturers spare no effort to improve even every single details that would make a power bank work better. Much thought has been put into the design and a lot of work has been done about the safety, protection and the charging efficiency. So, at present, what can you see online if you attempt to search for a brand new power bank? Among all those designs with dazzling colors, various USB ports and specs, you can easily get what you need. Let’s check out the best roundup for the latest mini portable power banks with fast charging performance in 2018.

#1, Aibocn 10000mAh Portable Power Bank External Battery Charger with Flashlight

If you are looking for a small power bank that can charge your devices on the way impressively quickly, this Aibocn 10000mAh portable power bank would be your best choice. The design is beautiful and stylish. The look isn’t that charming or exceptionally attractive, but it looks neat, fit, simple and elegant in pure white plus some specially decorated red coating.

You can enjoy a lot of benefits using this Aibocn power bank. The dual USB ports enables you charge two devices simultaneously. USB ports charge your devices at respectively 2 amps and 1 amp output, which can be arranged for different need. The exquisite design shows great ergonomics, the unique anti-fingerprint coating allows you to hold in hand most comfortably. The 10000mAh high capacity carries plenty of power juice on the way. The power bank has a small, portable size and is light enough to carry for travelling or anywhere you may go.

The highly safe power bank allows you to charge your phone or other devices without needing to check how it goes once in a while because it has pretty good protection to ensure the safety. The intelligent circuitry inside fully prevents overload, over discharge, unstable current and voltage, and short-circuit etc. Plus, this multifunctional power bank can be used as a useful flashlight when you need to see in the dark.

#2,  Anker Astro E1 Candy-Bar Sized Ultra Compact Portable Charger, External Battery Power Bank, with High-Speed Charging PowerIQ Technology

This Anker external battery power bank has a compact design, with a small size that fits perfectly in your pocket. It provides great conveniences to carry around most easily. Because of Anker’s exclusive PowerIQ technology, it’s able to detect your device for fastest charging speed, up to 2 amps.

This portable power bank is built with a 6700mAh battery inside which can output 10 watts, 5 volts and 2 amps for better and quicker charging. It does an excellent job charging cell phones, for example, it’s able to charge an iPhone 7 Plus’s 2900mAh battery almost twice in despite of this 6700mAh capacity.

#3, Aibocn Mini Power Bank 8000mAh Portable External Charger with Fast Charging Technology

Let’s see what’s coming next in this list: another Aibocn’s new model, Mini Power Bank 8000mAh. Despite 8000mAh capacity, it stores enough power inside and charges your cell phone at high speed by using 2.1 amps for the USB output. Customers love this portable charger mostly due to its mini size. It comes in handy with fast charging technology, giving you the most convenient backup power on the go.

Like all the other Aibocn chargers, this 8000mAh portable charger is a travel-friendly power bank with an extremely mini size 1.2*5.5*1.6 inches. Being small and compact, it has full protection against over charge, over discharge, over heating and short-circuit. It will automatically turn itself off for protection when it detects over heat during charging.

#4, EMIE Compact Portable Charger, 5200mAh Cute Samo Dog External Battery, 2.1A Fast Charging Backup Pack, Creative Power Bank

This is one of the most stylish power banks on the market. This eye-catcher comes in handy and has won a 2014 Taiwan International Design Reddot award for its unique design. Other than the creative design, this compact portable charger can charge your devices fast enough with 2.1 amps charging output. The portable charger has a long battery life as you can recharge it for 500+ times. The power bank uses most reliable LG and Samsung lithium-ion battery cells with great stability and performance. You can enjoy easy charging with protection from over charge, over dishcarge, over heat and short-circuit. The 5200mAh external battery is a safe and helpful backup power charger in your daily life.

The pocket-size small power bank weighes in at only 0.31 pound. You will barely feel the weight when you put it in your pocket or hangbad wherever you go.

Best USB C to VGA Cable USB-C to VGA Cable Male to Male Converters

The new idea of connecting your Apple New MacBook, Smasung Galaxy S8 or Chromebook Pixel to a large screen display for product presentation or educational presentation, is getting more and more popular. To make the content in your mobile tablet shown in a larger screen, you can simply use a USB C to VGA cable, or more commonly named a USB-C to VGA Cable Male to Male Converter.

These new USB C to VGA adapters are made with better connectivity for USB Type C to VAG cable male to male adapter. You can enjoy 1920 x 1200 and 1080P full HD display. And the USB-C to VGA adapter manufacturers highly improve the compatibility with more thin portable computers with better stability in data transfer. You can have high quality footage, image and audio in your large monitors and projectors from your tablets.

On Amazon, such a versatile online market, wherein we are able to help you pick the best quality USB C to VGA cable adapters for your Apple New MacBook 2017, Samsung Galaxy S8, Chromebook Pixel, Dell XPS 13 and more other USB Type C compatible devices.

1. USB C to VGA Cable 6 Feet Agatha USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) to VGA Cable Male to Male Converter for Apple New MacBook 2017, Samsung Galaxy S8, Chromebook Pixel, Dell XPS 13 and More

This Thunderbolt 3 USB C male to VGA male cable connects your USB type-c device such as Macbook Pro 2017/2016, Chromebook to any VGA display. It can support up to 1920 x 1200 and 1080p (Full HD) for compatibility with most displays, monitors and projectors with VGA; Audio must be transmitted separately. This converter is easy to use without the need of using an extra driver. Just plug and play simply, you don’t need any installation for it to work.

2. USB C TO VGA Adapter,Belinda USB 3.1 Type C (USB-C) to VGA Adapter With Aluminium Case for 2017 MacBook Pro/Samsung Galaxy S8

This VGA adapter is believed to be perfectly suitable for Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple New MacBook 12″ and MacBook Pro 2017/2016 13 inches and 15 inches with Touch Bar and more USB C devices. The VGA connects easily and stably to male VGA cables with strong signal without flickering. The cable itself is thick and shows no sign of wearing out after daily use & being tossed in the main compartment of a backpack.

3. USB C to VGA 3-in-1 Digital Multi-port Adapter, Aibocn Type C to VGA Converter With USB C(Female) Port & USB 3.1 Port for MacBook /ChromeBook Pixel and More USB-C Devices

This USB-C VGA multiport adapter allows you to plug and play effortlessly. The adapter doesn’t need any external software driver or power source to make it work. Plus, the USB C offers great conveniences for the reversible plug direction. This USB 3.0 Type C to VGA with PD cable adapter has a durable casing which is made of sturdy ABS and PC plastic. The sturdy braided USB cable is strongly built to ensure stable signal transimission. Aibocn uses most up-to-date anodized aluminum alloy for the USB Type C male head for easy connection with great durability. Aibocn USB-C digital VGA multiport adapter ensures safety for the heavy-duty cable and the high quality adapter design. The built-in protection safeguards your devices and the adpater against overload, over heat, over discarge, short circuit problems.

4. USB-C to VGA Adapter for Macbook Pro 2016/2017, USB C Type C Thunderbolt 3 to VGA Male to Female Cable Converter- Space Gray Aluminum Case

Likewise, this USB C to VGA adapter requires no dirver to install. The perfect VGA adapter for new devices with USB Type C or Thunderbolt 3 has a gold-plated VGA interface for better signal transmission. It supports up to 1080P @60Hz 1920*1200@60Hz (HD),800×600, 1024×768, 1280×768, 1280×800, 1280×960, 1280×1024, 1440×900, 1600×1200, 1680×1050, 1920×1080. This USB-C To VGA adapter allows you to extend video or image from your new laptops with a USB-C port to your TV/monitor/projector with a VGA port.

5. USB C to VGA Multiport Adapter Bauihr USB Type C to VGA Converter with USB 3.0 USB 2.0 USB-C Hub for 2015/2016 MacBook/Samsung ChromeBook Pro and other USB C Device

This USB Type C to VGA adapter is a useful VGA Adapter with USB 3.0 & USB 2.0 Port, USB C to VGA (Up to 1080P@60Hz) for your monitors, projectors etc; USB C to USB 3.0 with better effect for flash drives, date transfer etc; USB 2.0 port for keyboards, mouse or other peripherals. When you plug in the VGA cable to the VGA port and then connect it to your laptop, the screen will show HD results for display. It’s widely compatible with your MacBook Pro(13 Inch & 15 Inch) / 2015/2016 MacBook / Samsung ChromeBook Plus/Pro / Lenovo YOGA 900-ISE(YOGA 4 Pro) / Dell XPS 12/13/15 / HP SPECTRE 13 / Acer swift 7 / Razer Blade Stealth etc.

Top 5 Fast Charging Powerful Power Bank Chargers with Lightweight Design

It’s really difficult to foul out the knock-offs among such a large number of choices for portable power banks on Amazon. Yet it’s not our job to do so. Instead, all that we need to do is to find the best ones with outstanding features that will help us charge our devices amazingly fast in our everyday life.

What would you expect a quality power bank to be like?

No doubt, you would want it light, portable and beautiful. A compact size with a rubost build seems to be a must-have nowadays. Compactly designed power banks are usually built with a sturdy casing, mostly made of aluminum alloy to be light enough for perfect portability. Other than that, you would most probably, list most people would, expect a power bank to charge your mobile devices, like your cellphone fast enough. Actually the power bank we depend on depends on the battery built in. Power bank manufacturers tend to use quality Lithium polymer battery as a power bank’s integrated battery. Compared to other types of battery cells, Lithium polymer is obviously bettery in battery safety, and charging efficiency.

Let’s check out the top 5 picks of the newest power banks with exquisite, lightweight design, and brilliant charging ability.

1. Anker 20100mAh Portable Charger PowerCore 20100 – Ultra High Capacity Power Bank

This Anker 20100mAh Portable Charger has a nicely made surface for comfortable holding in hand. The user-friendly palm sized power bank weighs in at only 12.5 ounces for the weight. Despite the light, portable design, the power bank is engineered with a huge capacity 20000mAh which is able to fulfill many charges for your mobile devices.

2. Aibocn Compact Power Bank 20000mAh Portable Battery for Samsung Galaxy Smartphone/Tablet

This portable power bank has a portable size 7.6 x 4.3 x 1.2 inches. Likewise, it has a large capacity 20000mAh for the built-in powerful Lithium polymer battery.  . It can hold quite a few charges for your mobile devices, like your smartphone, tablets and other USB devices. It has a portable handheld size. The lightweight and protable design makes it extremely easy to carry around for outings.

3. RAVPower 22000 Portable Charger 22000mAh 5.8A Output 3-Port Battery Pack (2.4A Input, iSmart 2.0 USB Ports, Li-polymer Battery Banks) Portable Battery Charger

This RAVPower portable charger is designed to be super light, only about 14.4 ounces. This portable design allows you to carry this power bank around wherever you go without feeling like a burden. This power bank model is rated at 22000mAh super high capacity with 3 USB ports to offer. So you can enjoy the all conveniences with a portable charger of high capacity that can hold quite a few charges for your mobile devices.

4. ROMOSS 10000mAh Power Bank, A10 Ultra Compact Dual Output External Battery Pack, Premium Aluminum Portable Charger

This portable 10000mAh power bank is found quite unique for the double input ports. The dual input ports greatly help charge the power bank itself fast. The power bank provides you with great conveniences of charging an iOS phone and a usually seen Android phone simultaneously. The power bank is compact and sturdy. The hard casing is made of 100% al-alloy CNC shell.

5. Poweradd Pilot 2GS 10000mAh Battery Pack Mobile Phone Power Bank Charger

Poweradd Pilot 2GS 10000mAh portable power bank for mobile phones and tablets has an exquisite design for the finely finished surface which is made of quality durable aviation aluminum. This Pilot 2GS power bank is one of the most portable pocket power banks on the market. The power bank’s internal lithium battery is rated at 10000mAh high capacity. It’s designed with a 5V/2A quick input port and dual output ports, 2.4A and 1.0A for the output current.

The Best Phone and Tablet Stand , Well-made Adjustable iPad Stand

If you have a Kindle Fire and you keep the habit watching movies or working on your tablet in the daytime or at night, you probably need a stand for tablet and cellphone to make it more convenient. Better viewing angles are important for your health, protecting eye sight and largely reducing the risk of neck pain. We carefully tested and analyzed the best stands for tablets and smartphones on the market to round up some most impressive ones with great features as below:

The best features of tablet and phone holders:
– They have a collapsible design to make it fit in pocket easily.
– They have easily adjustable viewing angles.
– They usually have a non-slip rubber cradle to hold your tablet or phone tight.
– They usually have rubber feet to stand on most surfaces securely.
– They are well-made, sturdy and extremely durable.

Let’s take a closer look at the best ones.

1. Aibocn Upgraded Multi-Angle Aluminum Stand for Tablets Smartphones and E-readers

Aibocn stand for tablets smartphones and E-readers is a typically adjustable multi-angle stand. It’s durably made of quality aluminum, designed with strong plastic back legs which are sturdy enough to stand loads up to 12 pounds without the effort. The well organized rubber feet and pads will effectively protect your phone or iPad from possible accidental scratches or scrapes. The phone holder can be adjusted for vertical and horizontal positions for your phone or tablet, so that you can enjoy full screen movies, comfortable reading with the help of this durable stand. It fits most 4 to 10 inches wide tablets, E-readers and smartphones.

2. Portable Foldable Adjustable Cell Phone Stand, Tablet Stand, Pasonomi Aluminum Cradle, Holder, Stand

You will be impressed with this phone stand’s foldable design. It folds up easily and fits in your pocket conveniently for you to carry it for traveling or just anywhere you go. The adjustable phone holder allows you to you change viewing angles effortlessly. You can enjoy the best angle for view the screen. The aluminum cradle holds your iPhone, iPad or other phones easily for you with protection to hold a device securely in place. It’s built with protective anti-slip silicone pads to avoid possible scratches. The stand is widely compatible with most smartphones and tablets, such as iPhone 6/6s/7 Plus, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S8 S7 S6, Note 5, LG, Sony, Nexus, Huawei, ZTE, Apple Macbook, Nintendo Switch and so on.

3. Cell Phone Stand, Adjustable Tablet Stand, Universal Dual Foldable iPhone Stand Multi Angle phone Holder for Switch, iPad,Samsung, Nexus, iPhone X

This universal foldable phone stand has a lot in common with the above 2 durable phone stands. It’s easily foldable, durable with aluminum material, and designed with adjustable viewing angles in the cradle. The adjustable tablet stand can hold most phones and tablets between 4 to 13 inches, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 plus, Nintendo Switch, iPad Pro, iPad Air, Surface Pro, Samsung, Kindle Tablets, you name it. This holder works for any device you have even if it’s in a case.

4. Tablet Stand Multi-Angle, Lamicall iPad Stand : Desktop Adjustable Holder Dock for iPad mini Air 2 3 4 Pro, iPhone 6 7 8 X Plus

As for this phone holder, let’s see what a big fan has to say about it:
I bought two. It fits our iPhones, iPads, and Kindles all with protective cases. Also, it’s vertically adjustable (which is very important!) We spend a lot of time talking to our kids on speaker, and we were so tired of holding the phone. This solved our problem…
Customers love this nice design because it helps them a lot in everyday life. The iPad stand is made of spaceflight Al-Ti alloy. This unqiue material is extremely sturdy and durable, also light in weight for great portability.

The Best USB Type C Cables for Galaxy S7 Edge, LG G5, MacBook, ChromeBook Pixel Smartphones

If you have a cell phone with a USB-C port, you might as well find a USB Type C cable impressively useful with its quick, easy connectivity. A USB Type C cable is ideal for cell phones, such as Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, LG G5, MacBook, ChromeBook Pixel, Nexus 5X and so on. Since more and more smartphones are starting to feature a USB Type C port for charging and data syncing, USB Type C cables are becoming more and more popular on the market.

A USB Type C cable allows you connect your smartphone to a USB adapter, a power bank charger, or your PC more easily thanks to its feature of user-friendly port design. The 24-pin USB cable is distinguished by its rotationally-symmetrical connector. Connecting your USB-C connector to a device, with both sides that work, is obviously more effortless, compared to those USB connectors that you need worry about wrong plug orientation.

The lastest USB C cables have advanced USB 3.1 technology which is known for its upgraded transfer speed, up to Gbit per second. The new USB specification was then created and released on July, 2013. The new generation of USB perfectly replaces the USB 3.0 standard. The USB 3.1 specification takes over the existing USB 3.0’s SuperSpeed USB transfer rate. The USB 3.1 was created with two generations at the same time, the USb 3.1 Gen 1 uses a faster transfer rate named SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps while the USB 3.1 Gen 2 features a  single first-generation Thunderbolt channel. The first USB 3.1 Gen 2 offers transfer speeds of 7.2 Gbit/s. The USB 3.1 standard is backward compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0.

Let’s see the most reliable USB 3.1 Type C to USB 3.0 charging ables that give people conveniences and efficiency.

1. Aibocn USB 3.1 Type C to USB 3.0 Hi-Speed Charging Cables for Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, LG G5, MacBook, ChromeBook Pixel, Nexus 5X

With a reversible connector allows you to plug and unplug without the need to check for the connector orientation, this Aibocn USB 3.1 Type C to USB 3.0 cable makes your connection much easier. It’s faster than normal USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, with fast speed up to 10 Gbit per second for fast data syncing. The cable is beautifully made with nice and durable cable jacket. With over 10000 times’ bending test, this cable lasts for all your Type-C enabled devices, like Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, LG G5, MacBook, ChromeBook Pixel, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nokia N1 Tablet, OnePlus 2 etc.

2. Nekteck USB Type C (USB-C) to USB Type-C Data & Charging Cable

This Nektech USB Type C USB 2.0 cable provides easy connection for you to transmit data from laptop or other devices with USB Type C female portto your Apple Macbook or other USB-C compatible smartphones. Except the convenient USB C connectivity, the cable works as an efficient charging cable with max 3.0 amp charging current. It has a useful length, 6.6 feet, enough for connect your devices from next computer table in your office.

3. USB Type C 3.0 Cable Short Braided Green

Different from commonly seen USB cables, this Type C cable uses highly durable braided design to avoid everyday tangling. With up to 10GBPS’s quick speed, the cable can be used to transfer large files, like audio and video files. This braided USB cable is made of PVC material for the cable jacket and nylon braided for the internal wire wrapping. With strict test and quality assurance, it’s able to last long for your connection.

4. AIVN USB 3.1 Braided Type C Cable Fast Charging, Wrapped Cord Tangle Free 3.3FT(1m) USB-C to USB-A Cable

This USB 3.1 Type C cable has quite a lot in common with the above-mentioned nylon braided cable, the USB type reversible connector, the quick data transfer speed and the tangle free braided design. What makes it different is that it looks simpler and more exquisite. The connector is built strongly for millions of plugging and unplugging. The cable is widely compatible with tablets and smartphones with a USB Type-C connector, such as Apple New 12 inch Retina MacBook, HTC 10, Nokia N1, LG G5, Asus Zen AiO, Lumia 950/ 950XL, HP Pavilion x2, ASUS Zenpad S 8.0, Google ChromeBook Pixel, Nexus 5X/6P, Pixel/ Pixel XL, Galaxy Tabpro S, Nextbit Robin

Advanced new electric power adapters

Commonly an adapter or adaptor refers to a device that converts attributes of one electrical device or system to those of an otherwise incompatible device or system. Some modify power or signal attributes, while others merely adapt the physical form of one electrical connector to another.

An adapter enables the connection of a power plug by AC power socket. An Ac adapter is commonly called a recharger, which is a small power supply changing household electric current from distribution voltage, in the range 100 to 240 volts AC, to low voltage DC.

Many adapters have been designed to be compact and exceptionally powerful. For instance, an advanced USB adapter has 4 USB output ports incredibly. You can charge multiple devices simultaneously at full speed by 21W 4.2A for the maximaum.


Features that a new USB car charger requires

USB car chargers become popular mainly because the USB port design is widely compatible with all USB-based electronic devices.

  • When this USB port is applied in vehicles, the car charger turns 12V DC and 24V DC into DC 5V that shares the same voltage for USB devices and various battery chargers.
  • Therefore, USB car chargers can be widely used in vehicles to match the standard power and USB prts for DC 5V devices.
  • For example, cellphones, MP3, car navigator, video game unit and all other devices that fits for 5V DC can be recharged through USB car charger in vehicle.



The new development of electronic cables

A most typical electronic cable, American wire gauge, abbreviated to AWG, usually refers to USB A to micro-B USB data & charging cables. AWG is specified with two numbers: First the gauge of the data transfer wires, followed by the gauge of the charging wires within the cable. Most USB cables are 28/28 AWG. However some cables that ship with tablets, and higher quality third-party cables, can be 28/24 AWG, 30/24, 28/21, etc, meaning the charging wires are thicker.

Since these cables charge and sync smartphones and other devices so well, there’s a huge demand for such USB cables in the market. However, a decade back, cables were not as popular as they are now. Cables enjoyed a poor reception and suffered a depressed market in a way. Now as that scene becomes history, a great many electronic cable manufacturers recover the booming cable market. 阅读更多

Advanced electric shavers spread far and wide

Now gentlemen enjoy using battery-powered electric razors. These advanced power tools are much better than ordinary razors since battery-operated electric shavers make shaving beard and moustaches much easier.

  • In spite of bulkier size, battery-operated electric shavers tend to work conveniently and safely.
  • Moreover, electric shavers help remove beard and moustaches completely in a very snug manner.
  • Still, some users complain that some electric shavers fail to remove beard or moustaches completely. But issues like that have better improvement along with the development of electric shaver manufacturing.


Get an ideal power bank portable battery charger for your own devices

You can have so many choices for a power bank since you can almost find power banks of different sizes, designes and battery capacities etc. Usually, a low-capacity power bank rated 2,000 mAh would charge your device slowly but safely, for the low capacity, the power bank will not get too hot by the not fast charging rate.

However, if you choose a high capacity power bank over 10,000 mAh, the safety depends on the quality. Naturally, a higher capacity power bank helps much faster recharging for your devices.
Get an ideal power bank for your own devices 阅读更多