innos D6000 claimed to be the highest battery capacity cellphone

innos D6000 claimed to be the highest battery capacity cellphone


Mobile World Congress(MWC) was held in the well-known harbour city Barcelona in Spain. Many mobile industry brands have come and showed their lastest models and technologies. Just like innos, who’s been working on high-end mobile phone application and technologies, showed the world its latest product innos D6000, which is claimed to have the largest cellphone battery capacity currently. This cellphone features in its super long stand-by time and 6000mAh battery capacity, absolutely the highest capacity so far in the world. Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX spreads its sales to Asia

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX started to spread its sales to East and Middle Asia since February 2015, and received warm welcome ever since. It’s generally believed that Amazon Kindle Fire HDX’s success is not much due to its sales trategy and ambitions, but mostly due to its functional performace of the product and its related advanced configuration.

Kindle Fire HDX, both the 7 inches and 8.9 ineches versions, are a perfect combination of an ebook reader and tablet. Compared with older versions, Kindle Fire HDX is upgraded in both hard ware and soft ware configuartion. It’s a quick-response and powerful tablet with a Snapdragon 800 processor. Read more

OPPO Find 7 employs NXP’s latest NFC chip PN65O

It’s worldwide reported that one of the leading NFC (Near Field Communication) chip manufacturers NXP’s lastest NFC chip has risen into the favour of many smartphone manufacturers.

For example, OPPO has put this newly-designed NFC chip into use in its new generation smartphone Find 7. This brand-new NFC chip is able to assist multiple applications to run in the cellphone system. Read more

New Notebooks and their new accessories inside

As so many Notebook users have all the way witnessed the long and quick evolution of high-tech computers nowadays, there are continuous newer and newer models of computers in the updated market.

New notebooks are often full of creative design and great performance in the configuration. Because they realize that the instantanesous leading place will not last for good, they need to keep on researching and developing. Such progressive thoughts fundamentally boost the improvement of innovation in computers.
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Kodak rises to a leading place

As we look back on the history of Kodak, we can easily find that an inventor George Eastman and a merchant Henry Armstrong established Eastman Dry Plate Company, namely later to become Eastman Kodak, early in 1881. In the past, the former company of Kodak mainly produced roll and photographic films, and the very first amateur camera. Since then, Kodak became worldwide well-known and concentrated on imaging business.
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Anticipating Virtual USB Technology

Rumor has it that USB’s next generation will be getting smaller, just like Ethernet interface, and also, it will be virtual like wireless network. This new virtual USB technology feels like beyond your imagination. For the time being, there’s a “media-agnostic” USB new standard, whose ultimate purpose is to enable a new type of USB connection without USB interface. Mr. Jeff Ravencraft, the USB technology developer, says that this new USB will connect wireless devices to sockets without the real “connection” physically between them.

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Looking for better electronic accessories throughout the world

It is conceivable that China’s electronic product industry has stepped into a new stage ever since many international major electronic enterprises reformed their production mode and established manufacturing factories in China or built up a cooperation with some local trusted accessory manufacturers.

After they accomplished diverse comprehensive surveys in view of China’s electronic product tendency and the underlying development elements, they implement the project to cooperate with local electronic component and cable manufacturers for part of the accessories on mutual benefit. The current situation of China’s electronic component and cable manufacturing is on the increase.

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